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Theme: UX Strategy

With the rise of UX as a discipline within software teams, so with it comes the rise of the role of UX Strategist - one who not just understands customer and user needs, but takes those and communicate them across the organization to get widespread buy-in for UX initiatives or, at least, keeps UX at the center of product-related decisions.

This role can be held by a Designer, an Architect, a Manager, or by a dedicated Strategist but its growing importance, regardless of who does it, is being realized throughout all industries.


What is UX Strategy? by Coursera

In this article, Coursera defines what UX strategy is, why it matters, and how to help develop a strong strategy for whatever your product.

Creating a UX Strategy by Christopher Murphy

From the article: It’s important to consider UX strategy in a holistic manner. In this article, Christopher Murphy explains how design impacts beyond the world of screens as part of a wider strategy.

The Relationship Between User Experience and Branding by Janet M. Six (UXMatters)

There is a symbiotic relationship between UX and Brand strategy. This Q&A dives deep into that relationship.

UX Strategy: Definition and Components by Anna Kaley and Sarah Gibbons

A UX strategy is a 3-part plan that fosters shared understanding of direction toward achieving goals before designing and implementing solutions. It serves to intentionally guide the prioritization and execution of UX work over time.


NN/g UX Podcast

#261 Design Makes the World with Scott Berkun

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