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February 2022: UX Research

At this point, it's fairly common knowledge that the UX Design field is among the fastest growing in all of software development, but within UX, the role of Researcher is also the 2nd fastest growing discipline as well (Springboard, 2021) as more and more companies understand the value of starting from a user-centered mindset while bringing in experts to do more substantive, unbiased data collection of their experiences. This month, we've curated a number of resources for those who hope to break into the Research specialization, those who want to add Research to their toolkit, or those who simply want to be able to speak the language of their researchers!


Young UX researchers: overcome your fear of numbers to stay relevant by Konstantin Escher

From the author: "A large share of UX researchers has worked in different areas of design before moving into research, entering the field without any education in statistics. As UX research becomes more mixed method, I want to encourage every young UX research professional to overcome their fear of numbers, and start investing in data analysis skills."

Qualitative and interview-based research will always be important, but as the UX discipline becomes more closely coupled to the product operating model, the ability to generate insights from quantitative sources will be paramount.

How to Use Google Analytics for UX Research by Zion and Zion

One of the most powerful tools researchers have in their toolkit is the continually-updating data in your site's Google Analytics data. This article gives a high-level overview of which features and data can be most useful to your experience research.

UX Research Cheat Sheet by Susan Farrell (NN/g)

A comprehensive list of UX Research for every phase of a design project, specifically valuable to UX teams of one or those where research is still an immature discipline.

Nice Words to Watch for When Writing Survey Questions by Jeff Sauro and Jim Lewis

When trying to learn about user behaviors, motivations, or reactions, crafting a survey properly is an often-overlooked but critical important piece of the puzzle.

Debunking 7 reasons for not needing UX research by Ian Batterbee

Do you find yourself regularly having to fight for the time, resources, or ability to do research on a UX project? Here are some tips for navigating those tough conversations with stakeholders.

Measuring Your Inclusive Experiences With the USERindex by USERindex

USERindex is an alternative to System Usability Scale (SUS) that can be used to quickly and easily measure overall usability of a system through a series of 10 multiple-choice questions. If you've been looking for an alternative to the SUS method, it could be the solution for you. In this article, the USERindex team discusses how to use it to help measure inclusivity.


3 most versatile UX research methods that got me my first job

When to Use Which UX Research Method

Using Research in Material Design by Elizabeth Churchill

UNdemocratizing Research with Saswati Saha Mitra

UX Research Methods: Wait, There's More to User Research Than Interviews and A/B Testing?


To Manage or Not to Manage: Leveling Up Your UX Research Career with Amber Davis

Systems Research w/ Jessie Thomas

What is Wrong with UX: Why Do You Believe That?

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